Monday, March 26, 2007

Unbelievable ;-)

The letter from MIT to a prospective student:

Mr. John T. Mongan
123 Main Street
Smalltown, California 94123-4567

Dear John:
You've got the grades. You've certainly got the PSAT scores. And now you've got a letter from MIT. Maybe you're surprised. Most students would be.
But you're not most students. And that's exactly why I urge you to consider carefully one of the most selective universities in America.
The level of potential reflected in your performance is a powerful indicator that you might well be an excellent candidate for MIT. It certainly got my attention!
Engineering's not for you? No problem. It may surprise you to learn we offer more than 40 major fields of study, from architecture to brain and cognitive sciences, from economics (perhaps the best program in the country) to writing.
What? Of course, you don't want to be bored. Who does? Life here *is* tough *and* demanding, but it's also *fun*. MIT students are imaginative and creative - inside and outside the classroom.
You're interested in athletics? Great! MIT has more varsity teams - 39 - than almost any other university, and a tremendous intramural program so everybody can participate.
You think we're too expensive? Don't be too sure. We've got surprises for you there, too.
Why not send the enclosed Information Request to find out more about this unique institution? Why not do it right now?
Michael C. Benhke
Director of Admissions

P.S. If you'd like a copy of a fun-filled, fact-filled brochure, "Insight," just check the appropriate box on the form.

And what the prospective student replied:

May 5, 1994
Michael C. Behnke
MIT Director of Admissions
Office of Admissions, Room 3-108
Cambridge MA 02139-4307

Dear Michael:
You've got the reputation. You've certainly got the pomposity. And now you've got a letter from John Mongan. Maybe you're surprised. Most universities would be.
But you're not most universities. And that's exactly why I urge you to carefully consider one of the most selective students in America, so selective that he will choose only *one* of the thousands of accredited universities in the country.
The level of pomposity and lack of tact reflected in your letter is a powerful indicator that your august institution might well be a possibility for John Mongan's future education. It certainly got my attention!
Don't want Bio-Chem students? No problem. It may surprise you to learn that my interests cover over 400 fields of study, from semantics to limnology, from object-oriented programming (perhaps one of the youngest professionals in the country) to classical piano.
What? Of course you don't want egotistical jerks. Who does? I *am* self-indulgent *and* over confident, but I'm also amusing. John Mongan is funny and amusing - whether you're laughing with him or at him.
You're interested in athletes? Great! John Mongan has played more sports - 47 - than almost any other student, including oddball favorites such as Orienteering.
You think I can pay for your school? Don't be too sure. I've got surprises for you there, too.
Why not send a guaranteed admission and full scholarship to increase your chance of being selected by John Mongan? Why not do it right now?
John Mongan

P.S. If you'd like a copy of a fun-filled, fact-filled brochure, "John Mongan: What a Guy!" just ask.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Is it a joke or Google has some plans to really send us to the moon. Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering as said by Google will be place where the people working for Google at the moon will live. What the advantage will it bring to run you computers on moon if they are to employ the same chips. Google says it as "...imagine tapping unlimited solar energy to drive megawatt data centers and power innumerable arrays of massively parallel lava lamps, with ample no-cost cooling available to regulate the temperature of server farms sprawling over acres of land unblighted by sentient lifeforms or restrictive zoning ordinances." And still we have got more to listen as "...the vast web of electromagnetic pulses that may contain signals from intelligent life forms in other galaxies, as well as a complete record of every radio or television signal broadcast from our own planet." Googlunaplex, as the new center will be called will produce oxygen from the giant lava lamps, with suspended aquatic life in seawater. Many more such details like reduced gravity hokey etc. have been provided so that you may feel that the offer is real

What I am unable to find is is it legal for Google of the Earth to set up any base on moon (if they somehow FINALLY PREPARE to go to the moon). Or will they require to ultimately pack up from the Earth to avoid the interference from any national government (which nation will dare to send an army there to pull them back)

However I salute the Google think tank to produce the new idea when everybody is still busy with Youtube and Orkut, Googlunaplex sets them apart. Who knows someday our ip addresses containt special bits to signify the celestial bodies.

By the time its a good idea to put some reading this.

Monday, March 05, 2007

After talking about free software, now about a film which opened the youth of Bharat. The movie which is more a relegion than fashion. What you missed is here. You need flash player. Liked my blog. Keep visiting to get more...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

GPL is the new way...

Sun Microsystems GPLed Java. It was a great news for free software fans. But do we feel the trend? A lot many people are shifting towards open source and free software these days. Firefox, Ubuntu and Gaim are a few examples.

GPLing Java satisfies the long need of the free software community to get a free implementation of Java. For more information please read GNU's concern over Java

But we may have a different view. Java was facing competition from emerging .NET technology. Novel was also porting it by project Mono. So, to simply catch the bigger piece it simply GPLed it. Now with this community will see that its favorite technology doesn't die out of competition easily and keep getting power boosters.