Friday, March 23, 2007

Is it a joke or Google has some plans to really send us to the moon. Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering as said by Google will be place where the people working for Google at the moon will live. What the advantage will it bring to run you computers on moon if they are to employ the same chips. Google says it as "...imagine tapping unlimited solar energy to drive megawatt data centers and power innumerable arrays of massively parallel lava lamps, with ample no-cost cooling available to regulate the temperature of server farms sprawling over acres of land unblighted by sentient lifeforms or restrictive zoning ordinances." And still we have got more to listen as "...the vast web of electromagnetic pulses that may contain signals from intelligent life forms in other galaxies, as well as a complete record of every radio or television signal broadcast from our own planet." Googlunaplex, as the new center will be called will produce oxygen from the giant lava lamps, with suspended aquatic life in seawater. Many more such details like reduced gravity hokey etc. have been provided so that you may feel that the offer is real

What I am unable to find is is it legal for Google of the Earth to set up any base on moon (if they somehow FINALLY PREPARE to go to the moon). Or will they require to ultimately pack up from the Earth to avoid the interference from any national government (which nation will dare to send an army there to pull them back)

However I salute the Google think tank to produce the new idea when everybody is still busy with Youtube and Orkut, Googlunaplex sets them apart. Who knows someday our ip addresses containt special bits to signify the celestial bodies.

By the time its a good idea to put some reading this.

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