Friday, July 22, 2011

Found the distant tower at last

You can see the tower in the red circle below, visible from IIT Guwahati:

 And here I found it:

And it tool me these broken stairs to reach to it:

Similarities between IIT Guwahati and Hogwarts

1. Both have lakes, hills and variety of flora and fauna, making the walks in the campus pleasurable.

2. The headmaster in Hogwarts and the director in IIT are revered by many and also hated by many. Both are kind to students.

3. The ministry in the magical world and MHRD in India both interfere in the respective institutes a lot, sometimes with comments in newspapers and sometimes with policy changes.

4. Students in Hogwarts searched for secrets passages to get out of the castle. Students at IIT fish for loopholes in computer network to download movies and do other stuff.

5. Hogwarts has houses. IIT has hostels  much to similar effect. Competition in high during annual festivals in both.

6. The best one -- while the outside world thinks that students are doing magic or making up cool stuff, they are just scrapping through the syllabus to get the grades.