Saturday, June 02, 2007

Konqueror, the kool browser

If you are much into browser wars, then so am I. Firefox, Opera and IE have been in news headlines all over tech news. But I have got one more fighter. Its our very own Konqqueror, the default file management and web browsing tool available with KDE. Moreover, with the release of KDE 4, it will be available for Windows too.

Many people feel that Konqueror is not standards complaint, as Gmail and other Ajax applications do not run well in it. But the actual fact is that it is even more standards complaint than Firefox and IE.

Lets have a glimpse of a few featueres of it:

1. Complete control

You can get the full control of your browser aspects and take care of what you wish to enable and disable with a single click at the toolbar.

2. Confirm before upload

You can be sure that no website access any of your files.

3. It does supprt Ajax

You can see here . Gmail doesn't work correctly with default settings but you have got a solution, try changing the browser identifiaction with this:

The Firefox and Safari options work best.

4. Sidebar

Nothing is more addictive than this cool feature which turns out to be highly productive. It allows to play media files, browse directories, bookmarks, history and lots more.

5. Inregration between browse and file manager

Here are a few images which show tight integration between the two

Copy links from one loaction to another as opened as any normal folder
normal files

6. Split tab

Wikipedia, Yahoo and Google in one tab

7. Foreign language support

Konqueror renders foreign languages in a much more beautiful and easy to read view. Here is a demonstration of Devnagari (Hindi):

First image shows Hindi text in Konqueror, while the latter is in Firefox, from the same page(link)

The features present here are just a surface scan of what is actually available. Konqueror is the killer application of KDE and follows the philosophy of full customizability. While Firefox may still consume a lot of memory, but Konqueror makes it cool. Next time give it a try and you won't be dissatisfied.