Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreams Of A Free Phone

Gnu describes freedom as freedom in speech not in beer. GNU/Linux on PCs had given us the freedom. But what about the mobile computing devices i.e. simply smartphones. Lets take a look at the available options:

Symbian: Used chiefly on Nokia phones. From version 9.0 onwards Platform Security has been introduced. Means a developer needs to register with Nokia to obtain capabilites to use all features of the platform. Only applications signed by phone manufacturer can be installed.

iPhone: Applications can be installed only from the App Store. Apple has the right to remove the applications from it.

Blackberry: Same story again.

Andoroid: Much hyped to be an open mobile platform. Android's source code is open to everyone, but OEMs are allowed to disable software installation at will. Link1. Link2.

In brief, all popular handset makers keep the platform locked.

I think closed source MS Windows do much better. I get a PC, purchase Windows license and I am free to do whatever I want to do with it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

From Inside

I was sitting in the class,
Watching the view across the glass
Felt like grabbing out a pen suddenly
To write this poem, coming out automatically.

I'm not well, well that is true
But who gives a thought to it, neither I nor you.
I am sitting here, shutting up my mouth,
Well, right now, this is something, I can't do anything about
Loads of bricks as if sitting over my chest
My lungs feeling like taking a life time rest.
But its not much, it will just soon be past.

May be its a preparation for days which will little more last
But as dawn always comes after the night,
I've to maintain my spirits in a state that is just right.
All I need to do is to patiently wait
As in due course of time, I will be out of this fate
Well, writing this poem gave a little relief
Physically though, well that's my belief.

Caz I can award it the second best
In helping me forget all the pains tat truly rest.
All that I am writing is what my body speaks
My mind is shut up and is in constant peace.
The moment this agony of my body goes away
I know I will, once again, sway and sway!