Sunday, September 30, 2007

The name of the directory is

The title is complete, You need to know how!!

Create a directory named ` '
Can you do this in Windows. When I say create a directory named ` ' , I mean create a directory whose name is .

Looks illogical, right! But after all why it shouldn't be allowed. is not a special character like `*', `/', `\' etc and most of us use spaces within long file names.

I use GNU/Linux with ext3 file system. Simply using the command:

mkdir ' '

will create a directory whose name is ' '.

Doing this in GUI is not allowed. I tried KDE and it simply refused to accept space as an input (as it does in all cases, so no exception here).

Some nice screenshots are here:

Can You see an extra directory here

Why is file manager (konqueror) not showing the name ;-)

Hey what is the path of the file abc !! :-o

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quite an unteractive and gud post....but thoda thoda hi samjh aaya